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Buying a car is an exciting and often unnerving process. While getting new transportation can solve many problems, it can also present new challenges if the vehicle you bought isn’t functioning properly. Even though it is not unheard of for a car to have mechanical problems, if these problems persist – and it always seems as though there is something to fix – you may have what’s called a “Lemon”.

The good news is that there are laws that protect consumers from being stuck with defective cars and other manufactured goods such as computers. Obtaining a settlement for your vehicle or computer may be the solution you need to an issue that will only continue to affect you.

The best way to determine if you are a viable candidate for financial compensation is by talking to a knowledgeable Lemon lawyer about your situation. Not only will they have an understanding of the Lemon Laws in the state of Georgia, but they will know the best way to approach your case so that you can recover the maximum amount of restitution possible.

Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC is a team of legal professionals that are committed to upholding consumer rights. With over 25 years of experience, attorney Alex Simanovsky has developed a legal strategy that has a high success rate leading to favorable outcomes. Whatever Lemon Law case his clients present him with, he has the skills and background to solve it with efficiency and competency.

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Curious About What Lemon Law Is?

Lemon Law is designed to supply options for individuals who have bought cars that don’t meet performance or quality standards. The state of Georgia’s Lemon Law covers “vehicle nonconformities''. A nonconformity is a general defect, serious safety defect, or condition that significantly impairs the value, use, or safety of a new vehicle to the consumer. It is important to note that nonconformity does not include defects due to abuse, modification, neglect, or alterations of the new vehicle.

These defects must be reported within the lemon law rights period. This period ends:

  • Two years after the date of delivery to the consumer


  • The first 24,000 miles of use after delivery to the original consumer

Whichever period occurs first will officially end the lemon law rights period. If one reports defects within this period, the manufacturer is entitled to a “reasonable number of attempts” to correct or repair the nonconformity. This is determined on a case-to-case basis depending on the specific circumstances.

Given the diverse nature of Lemon Law cases, the first step in building an effective claim is by acquiring the services of a car lemon law attorney. This will give you the tools and expertise to construct the most credible case possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney For Lemon Law Rights?

Filing a Lemon Law claim is a complicated process that requires an elevated understanding of the legal process surrounding it. There are varied factors that play into a vehicle's defects and how they pertain to an error in manufacturing.

Having adept legal representation will allow you to effectively draw a correlation between your vehicle’s nonconformity and the legal statutes that protect you as a consumer. This will enable you to assemble a stable case that has the capacity to gain you the maximum compensation available. In addition to these crucial elements, your attorney will also play a major role in ensuring that your legal protection is being observed and cared for.

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Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC: A Client-Centered Firm In Atlanta, GA

Alex Simanovsky & Associates specializes in the legal protection of our clients. No matter what Lemon Law case you bring us, we can assure you that it will be handled with proficiency and ease. With our extensive experience managing Lemon Law cases, you can be assured that your claim will be handled with respect and professionalism.

If you have any questions about Lemon Law and how to pursue a valid claim, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation.

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